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Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drugs and alcohol are both very addictive substances. While many people can go out on the town and enjoy a glass of wine or two, there are others who do not have any limitations and find themselves falling into substance abuse. Not everyone who uses a drug one time or enjoys a few drinks on the weekend, will abuse these substances or become addicted. Unfortunately, there are some who are more susceptible to inappropriate use though.

Addiction Verse Abuse

Addiction and abuse are not one in the same, and it is important if you or a loved one is concerned about the use of these particular substances, that you speak with a doctor at Front Range Clinic.

Addiction refers to a psychological dependency on drugs or alcohol, while abuse denotes the excessive use of any substance. Drug and alcohol abusers generally continue to use their substance of choice past the point of intoxication, but do not need it to function on a regular basis. You do not have to drink or use drugs regularly to abuse them; although you may find, in time, that abuse can lead to addiction.

Often times, abusers find themselves in dangerous or scary situations due to the overuse, creating problems for themselves and their family. Not every abuser will exhibit the same symptoms and the severity of their condition will depend on their tolerance, frequency of use, and medical background.

Abuse is a serious problem, and you can find the help you need before the problem turns into something more severe. Contact us to find out more about the difference between addiction and abuse, and let us provide you with effective help.


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