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The upper Arkansas Valley has a new treatment option for individuals seeking recovery from addiction. The mobile drug treatment unit will serve rural communities in the central region of Colorado, providing MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment), counseling and supportive services. The mobile unit will have assigned locations that are visited weekly to provide MAT services.

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The Colorado Springs/Arkansas Valley mobile drug treatment unit will provide services to Bailey, Fairplay, Leadville, Salida, Buena Vista, & Woodland Park. Each unit will be staffed with a nurse (LPN), a counselor (CACII), and a peer support specialist, who will provide addiction treatment services.

Individuals will be connected to a medical provider via telehealth services when needed. The mobile drug treatment unit will offer MAT and supportive recovery services. Individuals do not have to be receiving a MAT medication to utilize the counseling and peer recovery services offered by the mobile drug treatment unit. The focus is to provide drug addiction treatment to rural counties in the Arkansas Valley.

We are taking years of experience and expertise in addiction medicine and taking it to rural communities in a way that is accessible.


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Addiction Services

Addiction Services

The mobile drug treatment unit offers addiction services beyond medication. Individuals will have access to a counselor and a peer (someone with lived experience) to discuss tools for recovery and determine a plan that is specific to their needs.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment

No medication will be on the mobile drug treatment unit. MAT will be offered via telehealth. After meeting with a nurse and medical provider, the medication will be filled at your pharmacy of choice.


The mobile drug treatment unit will honor
the Front Range Clinic mission of providing
access to care to all who are seeking support.

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Colorado Springs / Arkansas Valley Mobile Unit

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