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Front Range Clinic is bringing medication assisted treatment (MAT) to you! In conjunction with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health (OBH), MAT mobile units have been designed specifically to provide addiction treatment to rural communities. The MAT mobile units will travel to designated communities to provide these services.

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Front Range Clinic will be operating three MAT mobile units in the state of Colorado. Each unit will cover a designated region of the state. We will be serving the Northeast and Southeast corners of Colorado, and we will have an additional unit that will be serving the upper Arkansas Valley.

The MAT mobile unit will offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), other supportive medications, and access to recovery resources. The unit will be staffed with a nurse, a counselor, and a peer specialist that has lived experience. Medication assisted treatment medications may be prescribed by a medical provider via telehealth services. The MAT mobile units are an effort by Front Range Clinic to make access to treatment in rural communities a little easier.

Front Range Clinic has always been dedicated accessibility and with our MAT mobile units we are bringing drug addiction treatment to you.

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Addiction Services

Addiction Services

Each MAT mobile unit offers the leading FDA approved medications for opioid and alcohol addiction. Medication assisted treatment is a tool that can assist you in your recovery journey. Medications can be picked up at your pharmacy of choice. You will have access to a counselor and peer for the behavioral component of your addiction treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication assisted treatment medications may be prescribed by a medical provider via telehealth services. A nurse will be on the unit to provide education and understanding of the medications and how they are to be used.


The MAT mobile unit will offer services for
opioid and alcohol addiction, and our medical providers can evaluate for
other addictions as well, including methamphetamines, cocaine and Benzodiazepines.

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