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Opioid Dependence

The Reality Of Opioids

As medications that help to relieve pain, it is not uncommon for individuals to depend on drugs such Vicodin, codeine, and oxycodone, which are otherwise known as opioids. By working to reduce the intensity of pain felt throughout the body, these drugs affect the brain areas that control emotions and painful stimulations.

While most opioids are prescribed after surgeries, injuries, and illness, they are widely abused and taken longer than they should be making it hard to stop taking them altogether. The misuse of opioids is fairly common and it is a reality that is not always identified as addiction.

It is important that you realize when you or a loved one is taking a prescription drug to help cope with a severe and painful problem, or when it is turning into dependency which can lead to some very serious problems. The more you know about opioid dependence, the more likely you are to recognize a serious addiction before it’s too late.

At Front Range Clinic, there are several treatment options for treating opioid addiction.

Our goal is to provide you, or your loved one, with the appropriate support and treatment to facilitate the end of prescription drug use.

By getting to know you on a more personalized basis, we can better pinpoint the beginning of the dependency and discuss how to move forward with treatment. While withdrawal is a very real scenario for many patients, you will have the love and support of our doctors here at Front Range Clinic. You are not alone on this journey.

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