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Staying Positive As Front Range Clinic Heads Into The New Year

Choosing to seek out treatment for alcohol or other drug addictions takes a lot of strength. It requires a certain sense of humility to come to the realization that you require outside help to manage and overcome your addiction(s), and that’s something that we remind our patients of here at Front Range Clinic. When others are quick to hold your past against you, our primary concern is helping you create a brighter, healthier future marked by sobriety and a fulfilling existence.

Welcoming The New Year

As 2018 wanes away and we welcome the New Year, it’s important to pay credence to the power of positive thinking. New Years marks a time of change and new beginnings for many people. Whether this change is in the form of a new gym membership or choosing to abstain from alcohol, there’s something special about a new calendar year that causes people to make big changes in their lives.

Our Addiction Recovery Specialists In Colorado Are Here To Help

Front Range Clinic is dedicated to helping people commit to these major life changes. Over the course of 2018, we’ve helped countless Colorado residents work through and overcome bad habits, all while fostering an environment that’s conducive to good mental and physical health. Our work is incredibly fulfilling, and ultimately, our goal is to continue helping people who are struggling with addiction until there’s no one else to work with.

The Power Of Positivity

While the holiday season can seem less than bright and cheery as you continue your path toward sobriety, it’s important to maintain a positive mental attitude and look toward a fresh calendar year. Below, our addiction recovery specialists in Fort Collins, Northern Colorado, and along the Front Range of Colorado would like to touch on the importance of positivity.

How Can Being Positive Help Me Recover From Addiction?

No matter which type of addiction you or a loved one has or is experiencing, staying positive and thinking optimistically will help make those seemingly immovable barriers budge just a little bit. According to an article from The Mayo Clinic, keeping your head up and focusing on the good things in life can help you in the way of:

  • Increased self-efficacy: you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable to your sobriety goals when you actually tell yourself that you can do it.
  • Reduced stress levels: while negative thoughts are more likely to induce stress, positive thinkers are more likely to better handle difficult situations.
  • Motivating other people: by keeping your head up and setting an example of strength and positivity for others to follow, you’ll set an example and even inspire those around you to live happier and healthier lives.

Of course, smiling and staying optimistic in light of life’s adversities and struggles generally isn’t enough to overcome the chains of addiction, but a good attitude will make the recovery process that much easier.

How Do I Stay Positive?

Being genuinely positive involves more than painting a forced smile on your face. While there’s no universal guide for living optimistically in day-to-day life (though there are many resources out there to help you do so), there are a number of surprisingly simple actions that our addiction recovery specialists would encourage you to embrace:

  • Serve other people. When you take mental attention off of yourself and focus it on other people, you’ll gain more perspective on your own situation, and you’ll have the fulfillment of knowing that you helped someone else.
  • Smile. Yes, it’s generic advice and it’s not always easy to feign a fake smile, but there is scientific evidence that the physical act of smiling helps improve your mental state.
  • Surround Yourself With Positive People. Remember, you don’t have to battle addiction on your own. There’s a network of drug addiction recovery specialists and other patients who are here to relate to you, to listen to you, and support you. By building relationships, you’ll feel better about your situation and your past experiences.

Learn More About Positive Thinking By Talking With Our Addiction Recovery Specialists

Our goal is to help you, and that means we’ll always be here to talk or listen. If you or a loved one needs help with drug addiction or another type of addiction, please don’t hesitate to contact Front Range Clinic.

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