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The Legality of Alcohol Doesn’t Make Drug Addiction Recovery Any Less Valid

While substance abuse is a heavy topic and one that can make people uncomfortable to discuss, it is an important thing to address. If you or a loved one is going through drug abuse or drug addiction and needs help, honesty and being forthright about the situation is the right thing to do. Due to the legal status of alcohol, many people can be disillusioned into thinking that one cannot be addicted to such a substance, but nothing could be further from the truth.

All Drug Addictions Are A Serious, Urgent Matter

Alcohol, by definition, is a drug. It is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant and, while many people are able to enjoy alcohol in moderation without any issues, alcohol can present a legitimate potential for physical and mental addiction with nasty consequences. Fortunately, our drug addiction recovery specialists at Front Range Clinic can help.

Just Because It’s Legal Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Harm You

For many reasons, society at large has this association between legality and safety and vice versa. Extremely unhealthy foods are legal, as are powerful opiate-based pills and cigarettes, and yet all of those products are solely intended for human consumption. Each year, countless people die as a result of obesity, diabetes, opiate addictions and lung cancer, partially as a result of regularly consuming and abusing these legal products.

The point here is that Front Range Clinic offers addiction treatment services for alcohol and tobacco (nicotine) because even though they are legal and free to consume as an adult, they still have addictive potential and have the ability to ruin lives.

Social Pressures of Alcohol

In many social situations, it’s more-or-less of an expectation to imbibe in some extent of alcohol, even if it’s just one drink. For those struggling with alcohol addiction, saying ‘no’ to one alcoholic beverage is a difficult thing because one drink can lead to many drinks with negative consequences.

While saying ‘no’ can be a hard thing to do on your own, there’s no shame or judgment in admitting that you need help to curb your addiction to alcohol and move on to a life of sobriety and good health. Just know that you have friends at Front Range Clinic who can help you get clean and get back to a sober life, regardless of what substance you’re addicted to.

Let Front Range Clinic Help You

At Front Range Clinic, we don’t judge you based on your background, your life story, or where you came from. While we take your personal details into consideration when it comes to treatment, we’re really focused on a brighter future for you. If you’re curious about our drug addiction recovery services, learn more about our rehabilitation center or contact Front Range Clinic today to get the recovery from drug addiction that you need.  

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