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Suboxone Maintenance

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The most common question we get at Front Range Clinic is about what we are going to do to help. When it comes to opioid addiction, we believe in treating your problem using treatments that provide detox relief through Suboxone.

While it may seem contradictory to give our patients one drug to help wean them another, it is important to remember that being addicted to opioids is a very serious problem that takes an intensive detox process to achieve sobriety.

Maintaining long-term sobriety is difficult, as many patients end up relapsing because they do not have proper clinical help. By coming into Front Range Clinic, you or your loved one can have the guided assistance required to live drug-free.

With the proper assessment and treatment from Front Range Clinic, we lessen your chances for relapse.

By using Suboxone, we are able to effectively reduce the severe symptoms associated with detoxing, stabilizing our patients and giving them the clarity they need. With this maintenance program, we are able to help our patients deal with the anxiety, pain, and depression that often come with detoxing.

It is important to remember that with Suboxone maintenance, you must also receive counseling and therapy to ensure that your recovery is truly effective. Through this individualized attention, we can assess the severity of your problem and design a treatment plan customized for your exact needs. To see if Suboxone may be the right treatment option for you, or for a loved one, get in touch with us today.


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